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Exemplary Legal Counsel

In the fall of 2016, my family and I endured a crisis that so many families with special-needs children endure. Our daughter, who has the multiple diagnoses of ASD, Bipolar Disorder and ADHD, had spent much of the summer hospitalized for severe behavioral instability; this was not her first hospitalization. Upon her release, we faced the distinct possibility that our school district would not be able to accommodate her behavioral needs while also challenging her intellectual strengths. We realized with much sadness that our daughter may require a specialized outside placement away from home. We’d struggled with the district before and its inability to see our daughter as she is: a child whose fierce intelligence often masks her very real behavioral and emotional difficulties. Attorney Jillian Griswold and Feinstein Education Law Group provided exemplary legal counsel as we navigated the daunting process of developing the most appropriate IEP and BIP for our daughter. Ms. Griswold’s steadfast advocacy and attention to every detail were invaluable resources to us as we worked with the district to ensure our daughter’s success. And she succeeds – at home, in her own district. I cannot recommend the team at Feinstein Education Law Group highly enough for their professional and personal commitment to special-needs children and their families.

-Mother in Groton

Responsive, Compassionate, Knowledgeable

We were fortunate enough to have been introduced to Attorney Andrew Feinstein by a mutual friend. He is a responsive, compassionate, knowledgeable and assertive lawyer. We have felt very comfortable with his guidance and suggestions in several difficult situations we’ve been dealing with, concerning our child. His depth of experience in working with DCF and school systems have enabled him to effectively support us. I have referred other parents to Attorney Feinstein.

-Mother in New London

Extensive Experience

Attorney Feinstein helped us navigate the complex laws governing special education to get to a better solution for our son. He is knowledgeable about all facets of special education law and has extensive experience working with school systems to resolve matters effectively. He made a difficult time for us a lot easier and I would highly recommend him.

-Mother in Darien

Insightful, Responsive and Reasonably Priced

Andy has been a terrific advocate for our son, and appreciated partner.
He is a special-ed law expert, and any family will be lucky to have him on board.
I have found him to be insightful, responsive and reasonably priced. I wholeheartedly recommend Andy.

-Mother in Westport

Dedicated and Passionate

We used Attorney Feinstein to assist us with our daughter’s Special Education placement. We found him to be very knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to helping individuals with special needs have access to the supports and services they are entitled to and deserve. We would not hesitate to use his services again or to recommend him to anyone looking for a Special Education Attorney.

I highly recommend Andy to anyone who needs an attorney specializing in special education law. He is extremely well versed in the rights of children with special needs which can be very complicated for parents. He passionately fights for your child’s rights and is very dedicated to helping your child get what he/she is entitled to. He meticulously worked with me to understand the situation and very clearly explained what was needed in order to resolve it as efficiently as possible. He was successful in obtaining for my child what he/she was entitled to under the law. He always made himself available to me to answer any questions I had or to work on the case, even on weekends. This showed me that he is truly dedicated and passionate about his work. I am truly grateful for what he did for my child and would not hesitate to use him again.

-Mom in Fairfield

Impressive Knowledge of The Educational Landscape

When we needed representation in our child’s educational outplacement case, we looked to the other end of the state to Andrew Feinstein because he came so highly recommended. Andy impressed us with his knowledge of the educational landscape in this state. He understood the challenges we faced as a family with a special needs child who had ceased to learn in a public school environment and helped us obtain the placement we were looking for.

-Father in Norwalk

Always Accessible, Responded Quickly

We have worked with Attorney Feinstein for over 6 years and in that time he has gone above and beyond to help us ensure that our daughter had the best placement possible. He and the rest of the Feinstein Education Law Group were always accessible, responded quickly to our questions and concerns, and carried out all work in a prompt and professional manner. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Client of Feinstein Education Law Group

Andy’s Your Guy

To think outside the box, you first have to really understand the box: which boundaries you can move and which ones are real; which corner offers your greatest leverage – and which one is your weakest point. Andy practically built the box. If your child has a relatively straightforward case and a district that’s on your kid’s side, then maybe you can get through this on your own. But when what’s needed is to create a road that’s never been traveled before, Andy’s your guy – and everyone you’ll meet on the other side of the table knows it.

– Client of Feinstein Education Law Group

Unbelievable Job of Representing Our Daughter

I would like to recommend Atty. Feinstein as an excellent Special Education lawyer. As the parent of a child with special needs himself, he has ‘been there and done that’; he understands the challenges that we as parents of special needs children face. I was emotionally exhausted in trying to secure the education that my child was entitled to. Someone referred me to Atty. Feinstein. When he ‘came on board’, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders, knowing that I had a competent lawyer who would be representing us. I personally believe his reputation precedes him. We didn’t have to go to mediation, and were thankful and pleased with the outcome. A mother from Connecticut

My husband and I had to make a decision as to who would represent our son in an ABA case that would likely go to hearing. Andrew was the smartest attorney that we spoke to. His ability to boil complex areas of an ABA case down was so important to our son’s success. He was not only brilliant at representing our son but a class act always which helped me get through the tougher days. Our son got his ABA program and is doing very well! Mother in Ridgefield

We hired Attorney Feinstein this past summer as we had struggled for months to ensure a proper education for our daughter in our town. Attorney Feinstein met with us and reviewed all of our records. Throughout the process, he always kept us up to date and we could tell he always had our daughter’s best interest in mind. In the end, Attorney Feinstein did an unbelievable job of representing our daughter. As a parent of autistic child, I would highly recommended Attorney Feinstein.

-Father in Bristol

Knowledgeable About Special Education Laws

We had always worked with our school system throughout our daughter’s school years but began working with Andy after realizing our daughter’s post-graduate program would never meet her needs in terms of independent living and vocational training. We realized that she needed an entirely different program in order to maximize her potential. Andy was recommended as an attorney who would work with us. We were told that we would pay for his services but that he was fair and that we would receive much more in return. After working with advocates we decided to hire Andy. He was very knowledgeable about special education laws and how school systems worked. He was easy to contact by phone and even met with us closer to our home since we were a considerable distance away. We felt his charges were fair and that we received maximum services for what we were charged. He succeeded in getting our daughter the program she really needed. We know we made the right decision hiring Andy.

-Family in West Haven

Pleasant, Compassionate, and Competent

I would like to say that Andrew Feinstein was a very pleasant, compassionate, and competent person to work with while he helped us address issues that we had with my son and his school. Not only was he willing to spend time with us to explain the situation in detail he was also very understanding with payment details which took some stress off of our already full plates. If you are looking for a professional, highly educated, understanding and flexible person I highly recommend with Attorney Andrew Feinstein.

-Father in Hebron


My daughter is bright. Weeks into her freshman year in high school, she was diagnosed with ADD, depression, and PTSD. The school fumbled requests for front of room seating, testing, and other basic supports to help her stay in school during a really difficult time in her life. When I hired Andy, the conversation changed immediately. My daughter got the help she needed thanks to Andy. He knows our school system and the people in it; he is relentless as well as compassionate. He got results that I am extremely grateful for. In fact, Andy changed the direction of our daughter’s life.

-Mother from Stonington

Personable and Accomplished

The most important thing to know about Attorney Andrew Feinstein is that he is successful in securing an appropriate education for the children of his clients.

For two years, our son had struggled academically. His needs were demonstrated clearly by a large body of evidence (generated in part by the school). Despite this and our consistent appeals for support, the school district offered very little.

Then Andy joined our team. He directed us to top-notch resources to help identify the right placement for our son. Then, he negotiated strategically with the school district. The approach he used in our case was right on target and secured for our son a settlement that was both out of the ordinary and expeditious. (Thanks to Andy, our son is now flourishing academically, socially, and emotionally.)

Amazingly, Andy is as personable as he is accomplished. He is easy-going and collaborative, very responsive to all concerns and communications. Although he is in high demand, Andy makes us feel that we are his priority and that he always has time for us. Similarly, he maintains positive professional relationships with the school district.

We can’t recommend him highly enough. We couldn’t ask for a better advocate and partner than Andy Feinstein.

-Grateful parents in Fairfield County, CT

Very Calming

Working with Jillian was a pleasure. She is so great and really helped keep everything moving and was very calming along the way during this stressful process.