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Legal Solutions for Your Child’s Education

At Feinstein Education Law Group, we’re parents. We have raised children with disabilities and represented hundreds of children with disabilities. We understand the struggles and challenges that parents of children with disabilities face, but we also know what the law makes possible and what it does not. When you need a lawyer on your side who has the values, education, experience and insight necessary to effectively represent you, schedule a free consultation.

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Our Mission

The Feinstein Education Law Group believes that high quality education is a fundamental civil right. Every child is entitled to an education that enhances their academic, emotional and social growth, leading to an adulthood of the greatest level of independence and success possible. Our mission is to secure appropriate educational programs and placement for children with disabilities.

We believe that parents know their child best and know what is appropriate for them. We work with parents to convince or, if necessary, compel school districts to do right by their students. If the district refuses to do so, we will bring due process actions to compel them to provide a free appropriate public education.

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We understand the stress and worry parents feel when trying to navigate complex laws and frustrating policies. Look to our firm for guidance and aggressive representation. Contact us online or by telephone to schedule a consultation.