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Special Needs Students Deserve Special Effort from Schools

April 15, 2017

When you have a special needs child, you depend on the help of many people outside your family. Educators, doctors and even therapists can help your child overcome disabilities and social issues. Education from a school and the social benefits of being around age peers are critical for the development of special needs children.

That’s why the creation of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is so important to special needs children in public schools. These plans create concrete goals, based on a child’s current abilities, and require regular updates regarding issues and progress.

Is there anything more heartbreaking than having your child ignored, mistreated or left out in what should be a supportive social setting? For many special needs children, failure on the part of teachers and schools is a daily part of their life. Your family deserves support from the school system.

If you believe the local school distract has failed or abused your child, you need to take action. If the school won’t respond to your concerns or complaints, you need the help of an experienced special education attorney. You and your child deserve an advocate to fight for better treatment and educational access.

Your Special Needs Child Deserves a Public Education

No matter what medical or developmental issues your child has, your family deserves a chance at making public schools work. There are federal laws in place to protect the rights of your special needs child when it comes to receiving public education. Your child’s school should work with you directly to create an IEP that will address your child’s needs and challenge your child without causing unnecessary struggling. Unfortunately, special needs children are often left behind, pushed out into underfunded and inappropriate programs or even mistreated and abused by the teachers who should be helping.

The law entitles your child to a free and appropriate education, regardless of disabilities. Sadly, many children in the state of Connecticut are not having their needs met. There’s no question that school districts in Connecticut have had a history of violating the legal rights of special needs children and their families.

Sometimes, the schools expel these children instead of providing the help they need. Other times, the school won’t provide adequate supports, which can lead to a child being held back a grade and not making adequate educational and social advancements.

Fight for Your Child’s Rights

You and your child deserve better. Your special needs child is entitled to support from the local schools to ensure a healthy and positive educational environment. If your school is refusing to support or accommodate your child, legal steps may need to be taken.

An attorney can help you while you negotiate for better treatment and the proper creation and execution of an IEP. An attorney can also help you take civil action if you can’t get the school district to perform its legal duties to your child.