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Is It Discipline In Disguise? Your Child's Behavioral Needs and the IEP

child feinstein.pngYou may already be aware that your child's IEP needs to address his behavioral, social, and emotional needs (among others) in addition to his academic deficits and learning challenges. For example, a student who needs specialized reading instruction may receive an IEP under the Specific Learning Disability designation. But if this student also has trouble with peer conflicts, off task behavior, and difficulty focusing in class, his IEP should include appropriate goals, instruction, and related services designed to meet those behavioral needs as well. That student may receive both small group reading instruction along with school-based counseling.

What your special needs child deserves in a Connecticut school

Some students need assistance to learn the way others do. Perhaps they are blind or struggle to hear. It's the school's job to make sure these individuals can participate in the classes they're in and have access to the same information and opportunities as other students.

Don't let the education system leave your child behind

If you have a child with special needs, it can be tough to determine what school is most appropriate for his or her talents, gifts and learning limitations. The ultimate goal of any parent is to ensure that his or her child gets the best education possible, and doesn't get left behind. You should challenge the child, yes, but not so deeply that educational progress is impossible.

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