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Bullied at school? Here are 3 tips to help your child

When your child requires special education, it's the school's job to make sure he or she is not harassed by other students. A good educational facility makes sure students are kind to one another and understand differences. They should not tolerate abuse or harassment.

Despite that, many children do go through stages where they struggle with bullies. How can you help your child, especially when he or she has special needs?

1. Talk to the school

The first thing you need to do is to talk to the school. It may be that teachers or others at the school are unaware of the issues your child is having. If that's the case, bringing it to their attention helps them address it and the problems your child is going through. If the school has a policy specifically protecting those with disabilities from harassment, then this step should be easier.

2. Talk to your child and his or her peers

If the school didn't know much about the incident, it may help to talk to your child's peers and him or her about what happened. If that doesn't help you understand the issue or if the school does not take action, you may wish to reach out to the child's parent's directly. In severe instances of bullying, the school should always be involved.

3. Stay calm

Usually, bullying is a result of kids not understanding people who are different than they are or being afraid. Your child is struggling, but many children go through phases with bullying. As long as the bullying is not persistent, a single incident may be something you can use as a learning experience. You could talk to your child's class and give an informative presentation or simply make your child's teacher aware of the problem to prevent it in the future.

There are many times when children go through situations that others wish they could avoid. If your child is bullied, it's worth talking to the school to see if the issue can be resolved.

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