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Please Sign Petition Regarding IEE and Observation Criteria

 Dear Connecticut Constituent: Please sign this petition asking the Connecticut State Department of Education to amend the special education regulations regarding acceptable IEE criteria and observation criteria: https://goo.gl/forms/br5ZPATHggDQtlWu2   Access to an IEE and observation in school are central to a parent's ability to advocate for a child's needs in school. An accurate evaluation/assessment is the cornerstone to a special education student's program.  If the parent disagrees with an evaluation obtained by their school district, federal law gives a parent the right to seek an independent educational evaluation (IEE) paid for by the school district.  Across Connecticut school districts are creating unreasonable criteria that limits a parent's ability to obtain an IEE. Similarly, Connecticut school districts are creating unreasonable observation policies that limit a parent's ability to observe and understand their child's program in school. These policies also impact a parent's ability to have an outside expert evaluate their child's school program. Thank you for signing this petition to support reasonable access to an IEE and classroom observation: https://goo.gl/forms/br5ZPATHggDQtlWu2 -The Feinstein Education Law Group

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