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Opening Remarks of Andrew A. Feinstein at ConnCASE 2018 March Legal Conference Mental Health: Legal Implications for Educational Settings, Local and National Implications

I appreciate the opportunity to be included in this excellent panel. I commend Kathie Gabrielson for her work and creativity in putting this together. Two trends have converged to make today’s topic timely and critical. First, we have seen a significant increase in the number of Connecticut students with anxiety, post-traumatic stress, school avoidance, and seriously maladaptive behavior. Second, just as our memories of Sandy Hook started to fade, Parkland happened and the national debate over school safety was retriggered…Read More

What Schools Can Do to Reduce School Shootings

The young man is alone. He has no friends. He has been expelled from school. He has no relation with his family: they are dead or at least dead to him. He has been told all his life that he is a bad person. He now believes it. He hates himself. And, because he hates himself, he hates everything around him. The world is a giant conspiracy aimed at keeping him down, preventing him from being who he is. Most of all he feels powerless….Read More

The Anxiety Epidemic in Public Schools

Jonathan is a bright young man, raised by a loving couple in an affluent suburban neighborhood. He always was easily distractible and rather high strung, but not so severely so as to undermine his high B/low A average. Yet, when he entered high school last fall, he faced increasing difficulties getting out of bed and going to school. His diligent parents tried rewarding him to attend. They tried punishing him for skipping school. They tried force, remarkably unsuccessfully. They took him to the best-regarded adolescent psychotherapist in the county. Jonathan’s grades plummeted….Read More

Lawmakers must correct irrational school funding system

Gov. Dannel Malloy has proposed massive changes in education funding and the legislature is beginning to work on his proposals. While it is extremely unlikely that the governor’s radical proposals will be adopted, the legislature needs to correct the irrational funding system that now exists. Sixty witnesses testified at the Education Committee’s recent hearing on the subject….Read More


Judge Moukawsher issued a monumental ruling yesterday in Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell. Based on an extensive trial that ran from January through June, the judge determined that Connecticut’s system of funding education was irrational and unconstitutional. As to his basic findings, Judge Moukawsher is to be applauded….Read More