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The Terrifying Threat Of Expulsion

It is not uncommon for children with certain disabilities to be singled out as troublemakers or having behavioral problems. Often, teachers become frustrated by a child's actions and resort to escalated disciplinary actions to control the classroom. Unfortunately, there are many disabilities that manifest themselves as maladaptive behavior. From frustration at not being able to effectively communicate to lack of impulse control, special needs children require a certain level of trust and understanding from teachers. When a child is unnecessarily punished or threatened with expulsion, it is critical that an experienced attorney become involved.

We believe that no child should be disciplined for their disability.

At the Feinstein Education Law Group, representing kids with tough behaviors is the core of what we do. From a detailed understanding of special education law to our own personal experiences with special needs children, we can provide clients with our insight from a unique perspective. If your child is facing disciplinary action, we encourage you to act quickly to get a lawyer involved.

Disciplining students with disabilities can entail restraints, seclusion or even expulsion. As the most dramatic punishment, an expulsion serves in nobody's best interests. Children lose not only the social aspect of school, but also fall behind in their studies without teacher supervision. We will aggressively defend your child in discussions with school personnel or the school board if necessary. Through our history, we have battled numerous unfair disciplinary actions. Trust us to fight for you.

Helping All Children

At Feinstein Education Law Group, our focus expands beyond the scope of special needs children. In Connecticut, your child is entitled to an education and there are laws that protect him or her from expulsion — but you have to move quickly. It is not uncommon for the time frame to move disturbingly fast, while parents only have a day or two notification of the impending disciplinary action. If you have received communication from the school, you must act quickly to protect your child's best interests.

To discuss your case with an experienced attorney, schedule a free consultation at the Mystic office of the Feinstein Education Law Group. We can be reached by phone or by completing our online contact form.

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